English summary: The location and history of our Village!

Hello, friends from other countries! You will have a look to a small community, a village near Austrias capitol town Vienna.

But first - if you are from very far - where is Austria, where is Vienna/Wien and where to hell is "Hennersdorf near Vienna"?

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Let us start with Europe. You see a part on the left side with Austria in its colors red-white-red. The borders: South is Slovenia, former Yugoslavia, and Italy. West is Switzerland and Germany. North is Czech Republik, east is Slovakia and southeast Hungaria.

You see: It is a small country with only 8,000.000 inhabitants but a lot of neighbours with nearly no troubles. At the beginning of this century Austria was much larger, an Emperor ruled about Austria, Hungary, Czech, parts of Italy and Yugoslavia. After 1918 we got as small as we are.

That's AUSTRIA (Österreich), a democratic republic with 9 districts, WIEN, what means VIENNA, is also is a local district with its own local government as the others but is also the seat of parliament and state government. VIENNA is placed in "Lower Austria" (Niederösterreich), ond on the southern border to Vienna in Lower Austria is "Hennersdorf bei Wien / near Vienna" as shown.

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The very old roman church of Hennersdorf, established 1150, and a fine iron-window at the church-yard.


1st: The church shows 1150 on the front door, but historicans say, Hennersdorf ("dorf" means village) has first time been officially called this way in 1050.

This village always were and is a onestreet-village, that means, all houses are left and right one street as you can see on the Events-Page. Only a former and still small farmers-road goes to Achau in the neighborhoud, the really "mainroad" called "Hauptstraße" is the only real traffic way, from Vösendorf to Leopoldsdorf. We have no direkt road to Vienna, we must go to a point of these two villages to go to Vienna.

2nd: The green boarder between Vienna and Hennersdorf is only 1 mile away, by car you reach the Viennese boarder after 2 (over Vösendorf) or 5 (over Lepoldsdorf) miles, a trainstation in Hennersdorf itself brings you to or from Vienna every hour in only 20 minutes.

Hennersdorf historically had big troubles when the turks come to fight Vienna and burned the village and killed the people in 1683. It was here in Vienna where the last battle between north and south, Asia and Europe, took place, and the Viennese stopped the turks from getting whole Europe.

1861 a second time Hennersdorf nearly burned out and Emperor Franz Joseph (his son married famous "Sissy") personally helped the population.

In Hennersdorf is the main factory of Austrian "Wienerberger"-trust. At the end of 19th century it became famous because of the cruel social life here. The brickworkers, starting at the age of nine and often died young, got no money, only cupons they could give to the company shops and pubs and so could not leave the manufactury without real money. It helped starting the first Socialist Party in Austria. Nearly 20.000 poor people of Bohemia, now Czech, lived, starved and died here.



3rd: Now we still have the largest brickmanufactory of the world, but nearly full automatic with only two handfull of workers. The company now is seated on Wienerberg Tower in Vienna and brings sometimes again troubles to the Hennersdorfer people, but only very few money.

The picture shows "Villa Müller", which has been the house of one of the owners of a brickmanufactory, it still exists on the village-center near church.

In the beginning of our century the poor life of the workers was in better conditions, but then the first world war took place when a serbian terrorist killed the Emperors son in Sarajewo.

Hennersdorf got an Aviation-Place, beneath "Aviatik"-airplanes also Austrian planes where tested, but it was too late, the war was over, the other had better technical equipment than the Austrians, and the big Empire of Austria, including Hungary, Czech, parts of Italy and Yugoslavia and a short time ruled Mexiko (!), sized down as it is today.

The Emperor wanted to make Hennersdorf Austrias first airport, but his end stopped the plan and now the Airport is in nearby Schwechat.

4th: After Austria was occupied by German Nazis and nevermore was called Austria, but Ostmark (=Germans "Eastmark"), they wanted to giantize our capitol town as they did in Germany and Hennersdorf became a part of "Großwien-Bigvienna" as its 24th district. From october 1938 until september 1951 Hennersdorf was a Viennese district, but came back to Lower-Austria, Niederösterreich (in Nazitime "Niederdonau - DownsideDanube").

On may 24th in 1944 at 10 o clock 108 bombs has fallen to this small village, most of them targeted the school, as you can see on the picture on this page.

Now Hennersdorf mainly is a farmers village with fields and some animals, some small companies and the big automated bricksmanufactory. Most of the about 1.700 people living here are working in near Vienna or Mödling, which is now the provincial leader. We are interested in getting companies and work to our town, we have still free places and like to get quiet, environment-friendly companies. Newsmakers like WCM, a computer-magazin established here, are getting special press-conditions.

Hennersdorf has a landside restaurant "Maria Theresien Hof" and a fine Heurigen, a Viennese speciality with very good vine and other drinks and food, "Heuriger Schrank", which opens six times a year as regulated by Heurigen-law.

Even Vienna has woods and the alps are only half an hour away, the Hennersdorf-area is flat like Netherland, so its a well known target for byciclers, horse riders (clubs situated in our village) and also has a tennis-place. What you can do and how to get there you find on the Events-Page with a map and airview and on the Page with important adresses.

Hennersdorf politic is done by a socialist mayor, 10 left-winged socialist local-politics, 5 liberal christian-social-politics, 2 members of "green initiatives", 1 member of Haiders FP and me, an independent Hennersdorf lover with my own list "Living in Hennersdorf" short "LiH" with a friendly, but ready-to-fight beaver as our symbol.

I hope you enjoyed this short summary and excuse my bad English, I hope, my informations were helpfully. And if you stay in Vienna or nearby south of Vienna, maybe you make a short visit to our village.

If you come by car, look at Signs "Großgrünmarkt" and "Laxenburg", only 1,5 miles after the Viennese border there is a traffic-cross, 500 feet to the left you are in Hennersdorf. If coming by train, use "Südbahnhof" (southern railway) and the "Pottendorfer Line", going every hour, Hennersdorf is the 4th station. Leaving the train, you see the settlement "Wohnpark" where I am living.

Some pages have english text, most of them have a lot of pictures you would like to see. So you will make me happy if you use the "button to the next page" and visit all my work - Nice to meet you and good bye - your engaged to my home Alfred Vejchar

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